Chief Ed Drain reflects on time spent in Amarillo

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Chief of Police Ed Drain will be leaving the department on February 7 and will take the chief position in Plano.

“We are extremely grateful for the work that Chief Drain has done here in Amarillo,” said Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller. “The work that he has done with our community, the engagement that he has had with all of our constituent communities, and all of the programs that Chief Drain mentioned, the statistical enhancements that we have made in the last few years. We are going to continue the momentum with all of those projects. We are not going to back off of any of those during the interim period nor with the new chief.”

A national search has begun for the new chief of police. The interim chief will be outsourced in order to give the two assistant chiefs a fair shot at applying.

“I want to make sure that we hire, the person we hire reflects the values and priorities that our community has,” said Miller. “So we are going to discern that through this process, and we are going to be very exhaustive in seeking out input to make sure that we are looking for the type of person that will reflect Amarillo and that we will all be proud of.”

Chief Drain has worked on building new programs and trust with the community since he came to Amarillo.

“When I got here, there was a trust issue that was going on with our African American community because of an incident that happened in September of 2015, and there was a lot of confusion," said Chief Drain. “But I think we have gotten over the hump on those issues and we have much more perception of the police and also segments of our community have been improved because of programs such as our community policing programs, our CIT program and others.”

He is proud of the growing number of officers on the force, how they have re-utilized office space, have grown their gym, locker room and added parking.

“I am also proud of some of the other programs we put in place in dealing with our mental health,” said Chief Drain. “We’ve created a dedicated crisis intervention team, which is also our homeless outreach team, a small unit but they’ve punt well above their weight.”

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