Amarillo College to offer yoga classes to help children deal with stress and anxiety

Yoga to help improve mental health in children

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo college will be offering yoga classes designed for children this Spring.

“Anxiety is such an epidemic in this world, and so we wanted to help kids be equipped with the tools to handle everyday stresses whether it’s at school or at home. So once they have these tools they will be able to calm themselves and find a peaceful place,” said Ashley Walton, gymnastics and dance supervisor at Amarillo College.

The Calm Kids Program aims at teaching kids how to deal with stress and anxiety in hopes of creating better mental health and improving a child’s behavior.

Sharon Burkett, the yoga instructor at AC, describes a child’s brain like a snow globe.

“The glitter represents all the thoughts, all the worries, all the to-do’s, all the things we have going on and how sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in this snowstorm of thoughts and feelings. If we let the jar be still, and we might practice this in class through breathing, we notice the glitter settles and everything we need to do is still there but we can see more clearly and we can better come up with strategy with how we need to approach all the things we need to do,” said Sharon Burkett, registered yoga instructor at Amarillo College.

These yoga classes will be taught in a kid friendly manner, and teachers say they have a positive impact on a students performance in school as well as reducing anger, depression and fatigue.

“My hope as a yoga teacher is that providing space for these students to practice these regulation skills, these coping skills and these activities on the mat, then they’ll be able to access them as resources when they are off the mat, at school, at home,” said Burkett.

Classes are for children ages five to 17 and are split between girls and boys. Classes will begin next week at the Amarillo West College Campus.

You can register for the classes here.

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