Amarillo Crime Stoppers attribute 2019 success to new category for anonymous tips

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Amarillo Crime Stoppers attribute the higher numbers to adding a new category for tippers to look out for.

“We started the stolen auto day, that’s something more that we started in 2019 to kind of help, because there are several stolen vehicles in the three counties that we cover,” said Cpl. Scott Welling with Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

There were two big victories for Amarillo Crime Stoppers in 2019.

“We were able to locate the locations of two fugitives who actually had murder warrants for their arrest, so those were two big cases that we took care of as well,” said Cpl. Welling.

Money for rewards does not come from the city or from tax dollars.

“It’s a non profit organization, no tax dollars are used. We fund raise, and our reward money actually comes from probationers. They were placed on probation and a judge ordered them to pay a fee to crime stoppers, and that’s what is used to actually pay rewards,” said Cpl. Welling.

There were 159 cases cleared and 78 arrests made in 2019.

“A person could have done several crimes or something like that and it led to one arrest on that individual, but it cleared up three other cases at the same time,” said Cpl. Welling.

This past year, they saw more tips coming through the app or online, versus calling the hotline. All forms of tips are anonymous.

“They can do a web tip at It’s simple when you click on it, and just go through the boxes and fill it in. It’s the same thing with the P3 tips app you just select your location, where its happening at,” said Cpl. Welling.

Half the tippers whose tips lead to an arrest did not claim their rewards.

“Last year we approved 86 rewards through the program, but only 43 of those were actually claimed. So about half, and that’s pretty much a nationwide average,” said Welling.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers will have their next fundraiser on April 11 where they will shred personal documents for you on the spot.

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