Amarillo to update city transit system this year

KFDA New Bus Facility

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Using public transportation in Amarillo will become much easier as the city works to update the transit system.

Should the city’s application for more funding be approved by TXDOT, the city can move forward with the designing and engineering phase of a brand new bus transfer facility.

The current bus facility in downtown Amarillo is in serious need for renovation.

“We’ve currently outgrown our new location due to our new route structure,” says Christopher Quigley, Assistant Transit Director for the City of Amarillo. “We want to be able to have a more reliable location for our customers, and due to revitalization of the downtown area, we really believe this new location will be something that our passengers will really enjoy.”

In order to get this project rolling, the city is hoping to receive funding from the Department of Transportation.

Quigley says the city will “apply for the application over the next couple of weeks”, and should the application be approved, the city will move forward on the design and engineering phase.

This new bus facility will include modern technology to help better customer traveling experiences.

“We’re looking at having technology so our passengers will be able to look up and see what bus and what route it’s on,” says Quigley.

The new facility will also have more seating available for passengers and on site staff who can assist passengers and sell them daily or monthly passes.

New buses will also be added in this development project.

Construction on the new facility is scheduled to begin later this year if the city receives the grant.

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