Amarillo grocery stores environmental efforts


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A few cities in Texas have jumped on the bag-less bandwagon, but the city of Amarillo has yet to even start those conversations.

Two grocery stores in town are doing their part to go green and encourage their customers to as well.

“On Earth Day of 2009, Natural Grocers eliminated their plastic bags from all their check out lines. We provide the cardboard boxes for the customers that don’t know that we sell our reusable bags here in store. Out of each bag, whenever they bring it back in, we donate 5 cents to the local food banks,” said Ana Masias, Natural Grocers nutritional health coach.

“People don’t know that every time they come to the grocery store, if they bring their bags in, we will give them a nickel credit for each bag they use,” said Paul Evans, Regional VP United Supermarkets.

Both United Supermarkets and Natural Grocers are doing little things to make a big difference.

“We have just recently integrated paper bags, and we provide those for our customers for the produce," said Masias.

“We’ve made enhancements to our refrigeration cases by making sure we have doors on our refrigeration cases rather than just open air equipment. Doing things like LED lighting in all of our stores, this store in particular, one thing that it has is it has sky lights in the store that really control the lighting,” said Evans.

United is also making environmentally efficient efforts in their shipping methods.

“As far as transportation, we make sure when we are delivering a truck to a store, we make every effort to make sure that the truck is full, so that we are getting maximum benefit of not wasting energy to put another truck on the road to bring our groceries to the store,” said Evans.

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