Sam Houston Park to get $150,000 upgrade


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo city council recently approved the purchase and installation of new playground equipment for the Sam Houston park.

“So that’s one of the most important things about Sam Houston park is that it’s a well loved park. So we have a really nice stage there where we have the live concert series in the park in the summer. We also have a lot of civic and church organizations that do a lot of different events there throughout the summer, as well as it being kind of an intricate part of the San Jacinto community. It’s a well well loved park,” said Kristen Wolbach, Coordinator of PR and programs.

The current park has been there since 1987, so all the new equipment will be updating safety standards, as well as adding ADA ramps near the slides.

“It is a safer structure, and obviously in the old school we had the gravel which was fun when we were kids, but its not exactly safe anymore. So now it’s going to have kind of a wood material,” said Wolbach.

This project costs approximately $150,000, but the city was able to come in under budget.

“Park maintenance is doing some of the park demolition, and they are also doing some of the resurfacing. So it will actually save the city a lot of cost that a contractor would normally charge us to do,” said Wolbach.

The playground will soon be closed for construction and is planned to re-open in March.

“So that part of the park will be closed, but luckily you know it’s still a little cold, so our main goal is to get it up and running by the time the warmer weather starts to hit,” said Wolbach.

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