Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare to start construction on new facility

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare to start construction on new facility
Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare will soon have a new facility.

Construction is set to start early next month on the over $1.4 million project.

All the preliminary and groundwork is done for the new building, so contractors feel it should be completed in August.

“We are thrilled, that we did approve a contract for a new building which will allow us to quarantine sick animals, upon entry as well as those that need treatment," said Kathryn Wrubel, director of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare. "There is some extra space for a second veterinarian which will also help to forward our spay neuter initiatives and heard health.”

The current facility is outdated and needs upgrades that will help prevent the spreading of disease, as animals can spread infections easily.

“Dogs pass diseases just by touching noses, so when you’re dealing with a kennel with a grate in front of it, they can touch noses as they are walking by. That ability is gone the design even in the wash down is chemically resistant, which the current facility was not designed for that,” said Jerry Danforth, director of facilities and capital projects for Amarillo.

New job positions will be available when the facility opens, including the addition of a veterinarian.

“As we are adding some staff like the rescue coordinator position, as well as some more administrative staff and some extra help with intake,” said Wrubel.

Although there will be a new facility, they don’t plan to increase the number of animals they house.

“The hope really isn’t to house more animals or to house more animals longer, but to utilize the facility to keep animals from getting other animals sick because then it becomes like a hospital environment, and also to treat animals that need isolation,” said Wrubel.

The contract was approved Tuesday, with a 5 to 0 vote by city council, and is one of the last projects to be done with the Proposition 2 funding.

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