Fire station built in the 50s awarded $3.4 million from City of Amarillo

Busy fire station built in the 50′s will be awarded $3.4 million from the City of Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -A busy fire station built in the 50′s will be awarded $3.4 million from the City of Amarillo for a complete remodel.

Fire Station 5 off of Washington and 32nd is one of the busiest stations in Amarillo and was in need of an upgrade.

The station was built in 1953 and is currently vacant as the current crew is temporarily relocated to a different station.

“It’s run down, it’s served its purpose. It currently is empty, the crew has moved to 34th and Western to our old Station 9, they are running out of there," said Amarillo Fire Captain Kyle Joy. "Before they moved out, it was a one company station, it served the Wolfin area and Amarillo College area.”

Captain Joy says once it is finished, it will be a place the neighborhood can be proud of.

“We’re excited about this new station, its going to be a big station. Its going to have three truck bases, we’re actually adding a fire company. So, we are adding a ladder truck at that location, so it will have two fire companies and a chief that is housed there,” said Joy.

The re-built station will be a two-story facility with more space for firefighters, additional equipment and living quarters with a total of 15,794 square feet.

“It will have kind of a modern feel that fits into the neighborhood. What we want with our new firehouse is for these firehouses to be a part of the community. For the neighborhoods to take ownership of them and be proud of the way they look and the service they provide,” said Joy.

The Amarillo Fire Department will be adding 10 new firefighters and making 11 promotions to complete the staffing for a second fire company at the new facility.

“This is a $3.4 million project and this whole city of Amarillo is really excited about, it’s supposed to be something awesome. So, Amarillo get ready,” said Project Manager Jimmy Vela.

Fire Station 5 will be completed by the end of this year.

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