Suddenlink customers express their disappointment with the company and services


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many Suddenlink customers throughout the Amarillo area have been experiencing issues with the company and its’ services.

“I’m on the phone anywhere between three to four hours on hold before I even get to talk to anybody and even then I still don’t get to talk to anybody. As soon as they act like they are coming on the line they disconnect.” said Tony Denhem, a Suddenlink customer.

Many News Channel 10 viewers have reached out with complaints about Suddenlink hoping for something to be done to resolve their issues.

“We set it up for a day, and that day they didn’t show up, so they set it up for another day, and the service order did not get put in. So the next day they set it up, it snowed and the tech said that he came out, well nobody came out.” said a Suddenlink customer.

“Internet it goes down, and then it comes back up randomly, same with the fax machine. Which my husband, who is a physician, relies on his fax machine when he is on call, and sometimes it just wont work.” said Christine Cox, a Suddenlink customer.

Some customers have seen improvements after filing complaints.

“They are giving me a month free, service, for all of the inconvenience. I did get it hooked up, and like I said, the girl that came out here, she was very professional, very friendly and got it all taken care of. So that’s where I’m at right now, but Suddenlink needs to step up and be more customer service oriented and you know, don’t give people the run around, no it’s not fair.” said a Suddenlink customer.

“Customer service, calling in, we would be on hold for an hour, they weren’t very polite. Their answer to everything was get a new router, come get a new modem. We did all of that and still have issues," said Cox.

Suddenlink currently has an A+ rating from the BBB, while also having a one star customer rating.

“Customer reviews are not calculated in a BBB rating, so a letter rating is based strictly on a BBB reporting. That makes it easier for us to have a pure understanding of how the BBB reports on government action, complaint activity, a companies history and their time in business," said President of BBB Amarillo Janna Kiehl.

Kiehl encourages all customer complaints to be reported to the BBB if they are not being solved by the company. The more complaints received, the more their letter grade will reflect.

“Consumers can complain about those companies if they have a complaint they can file it here, it will be directed to the correct better business bureau so the company can respond from there. If they don’t hear from that BBB, then they should contact us and let us know that,” said Kiehl.

News Channel 10 has reached out to Suddenlink in Amarillo for a comment, but has not heard back at this time.

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