Pelvic pain specialists in Amarillo serving more than just the greater Panhandle region

KFDA Pelvic pain specialists in Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many patients are driving far and wide to see specialists here in Amarillo.

“Pelvic pain in women is actually very common. About 20% of all gynecological visits we have to do are chronic pelvic pain. So it really takes a physician who is willing to work up a treatment team and just keep looking for issues,” said Dr. Robert Kauffman M.D., Texas Tech Physicians.

Dr. Kauffman is a part of the International Pelvic Pain Society, which continues to study new developments made in pelvic pain research. This year they came out with a new questionnaire, as the old one was almost a decade old. He explained how patients often get diagnosed with other issues, when in reality it has to do with the pelvic region.

“Looking at some of the new diagnostic criteria for irritable bowel or functional bowel syndrome," said Dr. Kauffman. "They take a stronger look at bladder related issues with this and it expanded some of the definitions of some of the fibroid tumors in women, taking a greater look at endometriosis, and very importantly looking at how pain changes one’s life, and when does it change your life. There is depressive disorder going on as well too.”

We also have access to more than one pelvic floor physical therapist, where in some major cities there are none.

“So some of my patients travel in form Southwest Kansas, Eastern New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Panhandle. Of course widespread throughout the Panhandle region, and I have even had some from Southeastern Colorado. Simply because I may be the nearest provider,” said Aletta Davis-Pitre PT, owner and clinical director of Optimal Physical Therapy Solutions.

A common misconception is that pelvic pain only happens to women and only after a certain age.

“But pelvic floor dysfunctions know no, or does not discriminate, and so we see this in men women and children, and at any age. So my youngest patient has been three and my oldest was 97,” said Davis-Pitre.

Nobody likes to talk about pelvic pain, but many men, women and children are suffering with it everyday. If you are having pains, don’t give up, the answer is out there.

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