After 10 years of fundraising efforts, Adrian gets new fire station

Small town of Adrian gets new fire station

ADRIAN, Texas (KFDA) -Many years of fundraising efforts, patience and persistence led the Adrian Fire Department to accomplish a decade-long goal that will help better serve their community and surrounding areas.

“I started this project ten years ago,” said Wilbur Garrison, Adrian Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief.

The goal of the project was to raise enough money to build a new $250,000 fire station that would be able to house six fire trucks and have a heating system.

“We were housing most of our trucks in three different buildings, one which was not heated. So, we would have to drain six of our trucks every winter. So, when we would get a fire during the winter, it was a longer response time,” said Garrison.

Knowing the time it takes to fill the trucks up with water and drain them, was enough reason for Garrison to start the project that could potentially save a life and someone’s home.

Garrison would spend his free time knocking on doors, asking businesses around the area for donations and had the Adrian Fire Department do fundraisers for the new station. And the work paid off, because after 10 long years, they are officially moved into the new 6,000 square foot facility.

“It’s taken a long time, I know. But we are proud of it and we are proud of him for doing it. It’s made things a lot better for us here, to be able to have all of these trucks that we can respond with full force when we have to” said Adrian Fire Department Firefighter Chase Burgess.

The town of Adrian has a population of 160, but the Adrian Fire Department serves a 861 square mile radius.

“It’s been a long time coming. Adrian got a new school and a new gym, it’s right along the time that shows Adrian is growing and making changes,” said Garrison.

Garrison said it’s all thanks to the community, local land owners and businesses that made it possible.

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