Peaceful walk kicks off 2020 in North Amarillo

KFDA News at Six peaceful walk in North Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After a year of unhappy news and un-neighborly attitudes, residents in the North side of Amarillo are starting off the decade with positive hopes for change.

“We all should get together because we are all striving for the same common cause, peace! You know among each other, truly love each other, brothers and sisters in this neighborhood and come together and build it up, to where the children have a better chance at life," said Ronald Evans a community member walking for change. [For our kids] to go out and ride their bicycles that they got for Christmas, and their skates and their skateboards without being worried about being assaulted by a drive by shooting.”

Dozens gathered on the North side of town to be the pioneers for change in their community.

“Today we came to the Hogg Pen, in the Hamlet shopping center, and we got balloons and we wrote like all the things that happened in 2019 that we want to give back to Jesus and God and stuff. So we are coming back and giving back to the community and trying to help out the world and have peace and quiet around here,” said Kingston Lewis a community member walking for change.

“I write my name [on the balloon], I wrote God, and I write peace,” said A’Dariante a community member walking for change.

“It means a lot to see a community come together like this, and that is very important," said Martin Birkenfeld the Assistant Chief of Police at the Amarillo Police Department. "We are just here to support the community and let them know we are here for them as well. I know that there is problems in every community, but it takes every citizen banding together coming out in public and saying hey we want to make our community better. I think that’s what’s going on here today and we love to see this.”

It was a team effort to show that community change is ahead, as APD helped lead the way of the peaceful walk. Members say help from all of Amarillo is needed to make a positive difference.

“Law enforcement agencies out today to assist us, they didn’t have to be, but they are here, we appreciate them. We appreciate all that anyone does, that will help us, bring us together, in a modern way that we can move forward in our communities and lift up our children so they will know that there is a better day ahead, there is a brighter day ahead,” said Evans.

“You know the police department absolutely supports every neighborhood and we want to do our part to make sure that were visible and that you know that if there is a problem, you can call us and we will come help you take care of it,” said Birkenfeld.

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