New technology being brought in to help search for missing man at Lake Meredith

New technology being brought in to help search for missing man at Lake Meredith- live at five

FRITCH, Texas (KFDA) - Crews are bringing in new technology to help search for the missing man at Lake Meredith.

Where the search started on land, then moved strictly to the waters of Lake Meredith, the National Park Service has exhausted all resources readily available at the moment and is now turning to searching shorelines and the surface of the water until further technology arrives.

“For the last probably five days, we’ve just been doing a surface search looking for potentially a body coming up or maybe cushion float up off the boat things like that, stuff to help us try and pin point where it might be,” said Eric Smith, Superintendent of Lake Meredith.

Smith arranged for an advanced side scan tow unit from the National Park Service which is expected to arrive on Thursday. This technology will help scan the bottom of the lake, in hopes of locating Kennedy and his boat.

However, the fact that Kennedy and his boat have both not been located, is not completely unheard of.

“When you look at the history of drownings at Lake Meredith, the majority of victims have been located within a few days and if they haven’t been located, their bodies do float within five to eight days," said Smith. “But we do have one outlier that happened in 1996 at Lake Meredith where there was a really extended period after the drowning that the bodies were located. We’re hoping that’s not the case in this, that we can use the technology to find the body or the boat or both to get this wrapped up.”

The National Park Service says there are multiple reasons why this search has not concluded.

According to Smith, the weather has been harsh bringing in high gusts of wind the past two weeks.

There is reportedly high amounts of brush in the lake from when the water level was low, creating a possibility of items being caught and tangled, much like what happened in 1996.

“There’s so many variables that can go into when a body will come up that we just don’t know how to put it together to give a good determination of when it will come up,” said Smith.

You can donate to help support Kennedy’s family during this time here.

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