A man’s dying wish is to help those in need as a kettle-bell ringer

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CLARENDON, Texas (KFDA) - A man in Clarendon has a dying wish to ring for the red kettle-bell for the salvation army once more.

Roger Finch was diagnosed with bone cancer ten years ago. Eight months ago, the doctors told him he has two months to live.

Finch is still here despite the doctors' estimated time. He is using his time to give back through bell ringing for the salvation army.

In the past, Finch had braved the winter elements in Clarendon to ring for the red kettle-bells but missed out last year when his cancer grew worse.

This year he says nothing could get in his way, and it is his dying wish to ring again.

“Well, I managed to help two years ago, or three with one down there in Lowe’s, but it just keeps falling through. I would stay down there when it was really cold and when everyone else wanted to quit, and I kept staying down there, and I would get somebody to bring me more clothes, and I finally had six, of these, three in each hand," said Finch.

Smaller towns often have trouble getting volunteers to help ring for the kettle-bells, which is why Finch was adamant about not letting another Christmas go by without helping out.

“I tried to find somebody, and I couldn’t find anybody last Christmas, and I will admit that’s when I first found out how bad my bone cancer was and I was kind of blue and I thinking about myself, but this gets you from thinking about yourself and thinking for others,” said Finch.

Roger hopes to inspire others to give back, regardless of their circumstances.

“It just shows me how people are so giving, especially Roger of his time and his attitude, his Christian attitude and giving to others,” said Roni Willburn.

Eight months ago, doctors gave Finch two months to live. Since then, he has been fighting and says the only way to get through it is to focus your attention not on your own problems, but others.

“Others. Others. Others are the most important part,” said Finch. “Jesus is the other person. As long as you go that you can help other people and it doesn’t cost a dime in administration fees and in all that kind of stuff, you can do it, with the goodness of your heart.”

Being from Clarendon Finch says finding bell ringers is difficult in smaller towns. This is why he made it a point to ring for the red kettle bell no matter what this year, making this his dying wish.

“I’m going to keep doing this as much as I can. Of course, this won’t be open every day, but I’m going to go to different businesses and ring for a while, every day that I can get out,” said Finch.

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