Texas Tech’s veterinary school receives multiple approvals

KFDA Texas Tech Vet School update

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Texas Tech veterinary school is fully funded and has begun building.

“All the money is committed, and every dollar we raise now goes to lowering the commitment from the city of Amarillo,” said Jason Herrick, chairman of the vet school leadership team.

The school received approval of the foundation last week and approval of the degree program two weeks ago, all in effort to make this school one of a kind.

“As part of both the vet school, we will also have a research and development piece of that ties in the medical school, the pharmacy school, and now also the vet school. We’ll be the only place in the nation that has both human health, animal health, and also pharmaceuticals all on the same campus,” said Herrick.

Now the school is working on hiring staff and faculty to help get the program up and running before classes start in the fall of 2021.

“So we’re swamped in the hiring stage. We’ve hired a truly outstanding world-class senior associate dean for academics, we’ve also built our staff as well, but in the next month, we’ll be announcing the addition of five truly wonderful, truly outstanding faculty that are coming to Amarillo to help build this program and lead it. Throughout 2020 we’ll be adding faculty and staff throughout the year,” said Guy Loneragan, dean of the Texas Tech School of Veterinarian Medicine.

Along with hiring, the next phase for the veterinary school is to become accredited. For this, Texas Tech has hired a senior associate dean of academics who has prior experience with getting school accreditation.

“We’re working with the architect on finalizing some of the building plans. That’s very important to make sure all the student flow and the access to instruction, all the labs are done correctly. So we’re working very closely with them. We’re going through a lot of faculty interviews and reviews of applications to get our first team on board. And we’re also working on the curriculum. So we have to get the syllabi formed, finalize what the first-year student program is going to be like and then prepare all that stuff for our site visit from the American Veterinary Medical Association Council of education,” said John Dascanio, senior associate dean of academic and student affairs for Texas Tech’s veterinary school.

The Texas Tech veterinary school could receive a provisional accreditation after the site visit next summer and then could receive full accreditation after they graduate their first class.

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