Students want doors reinstalled on restrooms at Fla. school

Students protest removal of doors from school's restrooms

HERNAND COUNTY, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) - A Florida high school took off all its doors to the bathrooms.

In one case, it put a boys restroom on public display as students are using it. A staged photo that shows a student standing at a urinal is visible from the hallway.

“It showed if I was actually going to the bathroom, how much you could see. And by the picture, you could see if I was, it’s pretty bad,” the student said.

The school district said they took off the bathroom doors at Spring Stead because of misbehaviors. Students said there have been problems with vaping on campus.

Carol Symes, the student’s grandmother, said it feels like an invasion of privacy.

“I just got so angry and upset and worried about what’s next,” Symes said. “What will they do next to invade privacy of students?”

The school district acknowledged taking off the doors. There was one restroom with what they call a “unique design” that did not shield students from view.

They have since put that door back.

“Not right that you can look into the bathroom and see someone using a urinal,” Symes stressed.

Her grandson gained hundreds of signatures from classmates against the no-door policy.

It’s unclear if the district has plans to put the rest of them back up.

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