Walker and Mong Opportunity Ranch seeking donation

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A few months ago, the Walker-Mong Opportunity Ranch rescued six horses who were starved nearly to death.

Today the horses are looking much healthier, and some are ready to find new homes. They want to adopt horses out so they will have more space to rescue horses in need.

“We have an adoption process where they will go through paperwork, they will come out and meet the horse, we will do a home visit just to make sure they have everything that they need that would be required to keep an animal such as a horse,” said Waylon Walker the CEO of Walker-Mong Opportunity Ranch.

Walker says he currently goes through about a round of hay a week and is needing some help buying more hay to keep the horses well fed.

“Those that want to sponsor hay, we found some that a guy is getting rid of at $55 a round bail right now, and so we are trying to gather up as much money as we can to get as many of those as we can, to keep them as fed as they are,” said Walker.

Recently one of the horses was attacked by a stray dog and injured pretty severely.

“The young colt decided to go away from the heard and got attacked before any of the other horses could get over there and kinda run off the dogs, so he got hurt kind of bad,” said Walker.

The veterinarian and his daughter were able to donate their time and medication.

“Everything he does with philanthropy, he does very selflessly so honestly there is no telling. It is just really important to me to be able to give back to something so beneficial in my own life,” said Benteli Blaze with Timber Creek Veterinarian Hospital.

They will need to continue wrapping his wounds until he has completely healed.

“So we don’t really have to have monetary donations for the one that was hurt. If people want to donate gauze and wraps, we’re more than happy to take those,” said Walker. “We run solely off of donations, and fundraisers. All of us are volunteers out here and work day jobs, so we really rely on people to be willing to donate and come out to our fundraisers for us to be able to keep going.”

If you would like to donate online, do so here, in person or call 806 (502)-4066.

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