Stranded family begins new chapter of life thanks to the generosity of Amarillo

Stranded family begins new chapter of life thanks to the generosity of Amarillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As the Tafoya family stepped on a Greyhound bus, they will always keep Amarillo in their hearts after many generous acts of kindness have opened their eyes to the goodness of the Texas Panhandle.

One month ago, Gillermo Tafoya, his wife Jennifer and their son were passing through our area, headed towards the west coast, when their car broke down 40 miles outside of Amarillo.

Being stranded in an unfamiliar area, the Tafoya family reached out to area churches for a place to stay as their car was being fixed.

Once they were told the damage was beyond repair, the family had no money left.

They moved around to different shelters and were then referred to Faith City Mission.

At the brink of losing all hope, Gillermo received a job offer as a casino chef in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After that, Faith City made it their mission to get the family to Las Vegas.

“Probably about a week ago I was giving up,” said Gillermo. “I told my wife, I’m done, I’m willing to give up. Then, they referred us to Faith City Mission and with the hospitality and all the love, they made us feel very welcome just like family. It’s something that we have never felt before. We couldn’t ask for anything else.”

Faith City Mission paid for the family’s bus tickets to move forward and get to their new jobs.

“Everybody at Faith City Mission, we appreciate everything that you guys do,” Gillermo added. “You made us feel more like family than what our own family did. It restored my faith and here we are, ready to start a new chapter.”

As the family boarded the bus, they waved goodbye to what they call a city of miracles.

“I am so thankful and grateful for Amarillo, I love this city,” said Jennifer. “Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for us. You guys have been nothing but wonderful to us and made us feel welcomed with open arms. I just wanna say, continue to do that and there will be hope out there for everybody else. God works in mysterious ways and He put all these people on our path for a reason. The hospitality that Amarillo shows is amazing, something that you would see in a movie and not expect in real life. The way it is here, is the way the whole world should be."

Jennifer was happy to say, once they get to their new home, they would like to pay it forward and help others the way they have been helped in Amarillo.

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