Canyon ISD implementing new student safety incentive

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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - Canyon ISD is working with students and the community on better safety measures throughout the school day.

The school district is aiming to reduce the number of incidents occurring on school campuses that go unannounced through their new “Hear Something, See Something, Say Something,” program.

The school district is continuously working on ways to enhance student safety.

“Safety is always something that the district looks at, and this was another avenue that we could use," said April McDaniel, coordinator of district communications for Canyon ISD. “It is important to us to be able to be proactive and talk to our students, and not just our students, but to our community, and that’s when the social media piece came in.”

The goal of the program is to show students they have options to speak up.

“We want to encourage students and the community if they see or hear something, we want them to say something,” said McDaniel. “We want to use this program as an encouragement to our community that if they see or hear something suspicious, they need to report it whether it be to a parent, teacher, or even anonymously on our P3 app.”

Canyon ISD is also partnering with Amarillo Crime Stoppers, who is introducing students and the community to the P3 mobile application.

“The ‘P3 App’ is a new app that we started about three years ago," said Jarred Robertson, coordinator for Student Crime Stoppers of Amarillo. “It’s an anonymous way for kids to report stuff that’s going on at the school, whether it be bullying or narcotics.”

The app is also currently being used in five different school districts around the area, which includes Canyon, Amarillo, Bushland, River Road, and Highland Park.

Officer Robertson also says because so many students are taking advantage of this app, Amarillo Crime Stoppers is planning to expand to Carson County very soon, and they will continue expanding into more school districts in the near future.

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