An animal overpopulation is causing pets to be transported across the country


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Overpopulation in animals is rising in the Panhandle and is causing pets to be transported across the country.

It’s causing some animals to be flown to other parts of the country and attracting veterinarians to move to Amarillo to help.

“There are only so many homes, and that’s the bottom line,” said Christy Fischer, assistant director of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

The overpopulation of animals in Amarillo has become such an issue that veterinarians from other parts of the state are moving their business to Amarillo to help minimize the issue through spaying and neutering.

“We saw that we were spinning our wheels, we could foster ten dogs, and there’s ten more tomorrow that needs homes. So you know they were coming in faster than we could get them out,” said Dacia Anderson, executive director of P.E.T.S Clinic of Amarillo.

P.E.T.S says once they saw the need, they realized there is only one solution.

“Live release is low here because there are just so many. They were doing amazing things before, shipping them out and going to fosters and things, but you can’t euthanize, adopt or foster your way out of this problem. So we have to kind of nip it in the bud, and the way to do that is through sterilization,” said Anderson.

Where euthanization used c to be the answer to lowering these numbers, Amarillo Animal management and welfare says they are trying everything to avoid that option.

“I can tell you we’re working hard. We’re working so hard to get them out. We’ve been doing a ton of transports lately via plan, via ground, so we’re doing what we can to get them out to other communities where there is still home available,” said Fischer.

Shelters animals were once transported to surrounding states in car-loads, but now they are now being flown all over, like Zeus, who will be flown to Minnesota for better health care and a foster family.

“It’s unfortunate about all his health conditions, but I’m really glad he’s getting to rescue, and he’ll be in a home pretty soon, and he’s a very sweet guy, we loved him up here,” said Leighann Briones, volunteer program coordinator at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

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