Courtroom hears from several witnesses as Dalhart murder trial continues

Video - Tidrow Trial Day 2 - Courtroom hears from several witnesses as Dalhart murder trial continues - KFDA

DALHART, Texas (KFDA) - The trial of Camilla Frazier-Tidrow, the woman accused of killing her father and hiding his body, continued today with more witness testimonies.

The courtroom first heard from Benjamin Buck, who is currently serving a five year prison sentence on charges of tampering with evidence by destroying or concealing a human corpse in Joel Frazier’s death.

During Buck’s testimony, he admitted to helping Camilla and Kory Tidrow hide Joel’s body. He says he brought a wheelbarrow with a sheet and twine to the Frazier home, knowing it was for Joel’s body.

He also told the courtroom he saw Joel dead in his recliner.

The defense, however, brought up the point that there were lies in Buck’s original statement to police.

The courtroom also heard from a friend of Camilla and Kory, who stated Camilla had mentioned doing something to prevent her father from signing the will.

The final witness for today, Ranger Swick, testified for nearly three hours. Swick was one of the main investigators who worked on Joel’s missing person case.

During his testimony, the courtroom saw photos of Joel’s body when it was found in the incinerator. Swick explained they had cadaver dogs sniff the area once, and himself and another officer looked inside the incinerator through a side door.

However, they mistook the body for a cow carcass.

The defense is expected to begin their case on Friday.

NewsChannel 10 will continue to cover the trial and bring you updates as they become available.

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