WATCH: Mysterious lights hover in Ariz. sky

MESA, Ariz. (CNN) - Some mysterious lights hovered in the Arizona sky Sunday evening, leaving residents in the area amazed.

From outside their Mesa home, DJ Maier and Kerri Burnett captured the event on their phones.

"It started moving kind of diagonal across, trying to figure out which way it was heading,” Burnett said. “And as it did, that's when we noticed it started dropping things from it."

The object looked like a bright orb hovering silently in the sky. Every few moments, it dropped what seemed to be flares towards the ground.

"And it wasn’t just us, our neighbors next door, they were out. They weren’t even filming, they were more in amazement, like statues just watching it.” Maier said.

Maier immediately posted the video to Facebook, but no one had an explanation.

CNN reached out to several aviation experts who theorized the lights could be from parachute flares used by the military, helicopters or other aircraft during training.

"No navigation lights, even the military has to have navigation lights on. That's an FAA rule," Maier said.

CNN reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration, Luke Air Force Base and the Army National Guard, but none could say for certain what it was.

“I know what I saw and I don’t think it was from here and I think it was definitely something else," Maier said.

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