Spring Canyon: new housing development in Canyon

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As the City of Canyon continues to grow, a new housing development is set to be added.

Canyon officials say the decision to turn one of the city’s most rural areas into neighborhood subdivision centers around the development of a new elementary and high school.

The newly developed area will be called Spring Canyon.

“Spring Canyon is a development just north of Canyon and just south of Spring Lake,” said Danny Cornelius, director of planning and development. “It’s got some unusual topography, so it’s going to be a really beautiful development.”

This is always a way to continue developing the City of Canyon.

“Looking at Spring Canyon, there’s a neat opportunity for Canyon to grow in a unique way," said Davy Hamilton, partner for Canyon Capital Group. “This is the first subdivision of this kind for the county of Randall or Potter.”

Following Canyon’s City Commissioners meeting, Spring Canyon was approved to begin construction of Phase 1.

“Speaking of the first phase, it’s going to have a lot of what we like to call single-family estates,” said Cornelius. “It’s also going to have the new Spring Canyon Elementary that’s going to be included in that development.”

Developers believe the land Spring Canyon will be built on is the perfect area for housing developments.

The lots will be available for construction early this summer, but construction on the school site will begin next month.

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