Amarillo family loses home, pets and belongings in fire

An Amarillo family is picking up the pieces after losing everything in the Apache fire

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - An Amarillo family is picking up the pieces after losing everything when a fire ripped through their home Wednesday in Southeast Amarillo.

Maribel Terry says she and her family lived in the home for 16 years.

Now, they are faced with many challenges as they are trying to look for a silver lining in a time of such pain.

“I was just happy to know that my mom was safe because they pulled her out. When I got here, they wouldn’t let me near because the flames were so high, and it just destroyed everything,” said the owner of home lost in fire Maribel Terry.

On Wednesday, the Amarillo Fire Department was called to the area of 32nd and Grand. Once the fire department arrived, they found a two-story building fully involved in flames. The fire started in the back of a home on South Apache before extending into two other houses and an adjacent detached garage. One of those homes was Maribel Terry’s.

“The shed caught on fire again for the third time, but this time the flames were so high and it hit the electric, and that’s what did It. As soon as it hit that electric, it ignited like a bomb back here as you can see,” said Terry.

What was home to so many memories is now in rubble.

“That was my daughter's bedroom, and my mom’s bedroom is on the other side. That was my den and my kitchen,” said Terry.

Maribel and her children had five pets in the home, three of them they believe did not make it, but they are still holding out hope that somehow they escaped and are hiding out around the neighborhood.

“I miss my kitten because he would sleep with me,” said 8-year-old Mikayla Terry.

The family is currently living in a hotel, with no belongings and only the clothes they had on that day.

“Everything is gone,” said Terry.

The Amarillo Fire Marshal’s Office is still investigating the fire, and the damage to the three structures is estimated at $40,000.

If you would like to help the Terry Family, you can click here.

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