New development plans for the Sunset Center

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Art Institute has plans for restoring the Sunset Center off of Plains Boulevard.

The Sunset Center is a location in Amarillo that means a lot to many residents, being that it was the first indoor mall in the city.

“From a historical perspective, it was Amarillo’s first indoor mall, so people really care about that," said Rachel Flores, executive director of Amarillo Art Institute. “People remember coming and shopping here why they were a kid, but more than anything, people will remember what it was made into.”

Flores says the plan is to use art to restore the facility.

“This was an artist colony, and you could walk down the hallways and see artists at work, and that’s something that we think is really important to capture going forward and to keep in people’s minds," said Flores. “We want people to think of this as an art center.”

As of right now, the Amarillo Art Institute provides a space for creators to grow as an artist.

The institute continues to provide art classes right out of the center and offers local artists with a community to learn with as they explore art.

This will all continue following the new developments in the Sunset Center.

“The biggest change is going to be the front of the building,” said Mason Rogers, architect at Playa Design Studio. “The school and everyone involved knows the great things that are happening here, and part of this project is expressing that to the community, so changing the exterior to match all of the things happening in the interior is one of the most significant changes.”

However, the institute will also include more exhibition space, gallery space, and workshop space for artists to show off their work to the public.

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