Get Off Your Apps, a way to moderate your child’s screen time

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A struggle many parents face when children are on a break from school is getting them off their phones, doing chores, and staying active.

We spoke with an app creator who might have a solution for all of this, during the upcoming break.

“Which in our case we found out that one of our kids was using 1.6 Terabytes of data and only 800 steps a day,” said Isaac Gredinberg, father and co-creator of GOYA-move.

GOYA-move, or Get Off Your Apps, was created by a father noticed the imbalance between the amount of screen time and the number of steps his children were taking. With this app, you can lock all other apps until a set amount of steps are taken.

“When they hit their step goal for the hour or for the day, the apps automatically unlock once they hit those goals. So at the top of the hour, when you have those hourly goals set, it actually re-locks itself, so it actually motivates you to keep moving. It’s a rewards-based fully automated screen time solution tool,” said Gredinberg.

This app also has a chores feature where apps are locked until the child sends a picture of the completed task to the parent.

“Parents go to work, and you know they do they give their kids chores to do, and of course they come home, and nothing is done, and the kids are sitting on the couch when they come in, dishes aren’t put away, beds aren’t made rooms are dirty because there are so many you know we call them digital distractions. We just wanted a way to motivate kids without punishing them for completing tasks and chores and maybe get some movement and exercise in their life,” said Gredinberg.

Once students go back to school, there is another blackout feature parents can use to make sure their kids are not on their phones during class.

“You can essentially create an entire path for the day so that you can start at night between the hours of, for example, from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. you can shut the app off so they can get a healthy night sleep. From 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., the apps are blocked for school. After school, you can set a step goal and the chores and then block them again for homework hour,” said Gredinberg.

The monthly subscription app is $1.99. The creator wanted to emphasize the privacy you receive as well, as even he can’t see who has the app and where they live.

All information is not on a server like other apps, so the only information anyone can see is the parents’ email and the child’s name.

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