Blank spaces: creating good people, and beautiful art

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo art group, Blank Spaces, mostly has high school students but is inspiring children at a young age.

“I’m planning when I grow up to be an artist,” said Jackie Hernandez, the nine-year-old artist.

Jackie might be the youngest member of the Blank Spaces art group, but she is learning and working just as hard as the older kids in efforts to be an artist.

“I could hang up all my paintings, and I could be famous,” said J. Hernandez.

Art is a family affair for Jackie, as her older sister is in the group and has already had artwork displayed in Washington, D.C.

“Getting to bring along my little sister and getting to teach her all these new experiences. Then the stuff that she has never seen, and being able to give that to her and teach her all these new opportunities, and teaching her how to paint and all that stuff, and she has loved it,” said Briana Hernandez, Blank Spaces artist, and older sister.

Jackie is not learning just how to paint on paper but also working on massive murals where her art can be seen around Amarillo. She is also learning with the other members, how to work with clients, find a budget, and get the job done.

“It was really fun because I got to hang out with my whole crew,” said J. Hernandez.

I asked her why she liked being the youngest member.

“Because I was the first one that got to join the crew when I was small,” said J. Hernandez.

J. Hernandez told me having all the older girls around is like having family around.

“It’s cool because they help and their fun with the painting with me,” said J. Hernandez.

Blank Spaces is looking to grow and have younger children join their organization.

“It’s amazing to have someone like Jackie in our group because now we can track her into middle school, and into high school, and she is able to work with this amazing group of young ladies that act as mentors that give advice," said Shawn Kennedy, the executive director of Blank Spaces. "That’s part of what our program is about, we’ve said from the beginning that it’s more than about putting paint on a wall, what we are really doing is investing in kids.”

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