Cold weather not stopping early Black Friday shopping

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The freezing temperatures did not keep shoppers away from early Black Friday sales.

Numerous stores across Amarillo opened earlier, bringing in large crowds out in cold temperatures.

“I’m excited, I love shopping,” said Kierstin Jaramillo, a shopper at Best Buy.

Shoppers didn’t seem to mind, though, as many were in line before the workers were.

“A little before two o’clock. It was good, we had lunch with the kids, and we’ve got a couple of kids sitting in the car right now,” said Jimmy Messer, a shopper at Best Buy.

Thousands of shoppers came out to stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target to get that Black Friday Shopping is done early.

Amarillo Police were at different stores to make sure everything was kept under control.

I spoke with a few customers to see what motivated them to stand out in the cold today and what items brought them out away from their turkey to get that shopping done early.

“The two hundred dollar insignia 58 inch TV, the Xbox one for 150 bucks and then the turtle beach headphones for 50 bucks,” said Messer.

“The hot item is probably the play station four or looking for the chrome book for the grandson,” said Sylvia Olivas, a shopper at Best Buy.

Every year it seems stores are opening earlier, and shoppers have mixed feelings about it.

“It’s easier, but it also takes the tradition away from the Thanksgiving you know time with family and friends. To be honest, I kinda liked it when they waited until midnight to open,” said Olivas.

One thing shoppers told me they liked about having stores open at different times, is getting to spread their shopping out throughout the night.

"All done tonight, and stay warm tomorrow," said Messer.

“We defiantly gotta go to Ulta, and then we are hitting the mall for sure, so we make it a whole, it’s always a yearly thing. Fun, fun,” said Olivas.

Most locally owned businesses will be closed on Black Friday to prepare for Shop Local Saturday, so check before you go.

All big box stores are open at different times on Friday.

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