Keeping your pets safe this holiday season

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - It may be tempting to give your pet some of your Thanksgiving dinner today, but a local vet said that might be the worst thing you could do.

“The simple version is dog food is for dogs and people food is for people, and never the twain should meet," said Dr. Merten Pearson, veterinarian at Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital. “That’s really the simple version. The problem with people food is we eat too much fat and there are things that dogs and cats cannot process as well as we do.”

Dr. Pearsons said out of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, really nothing is safe for pets.

“During the Thanksgiving season, turkey skin, turkey fat, turkey bones, those are all train wrecks. Nuts, macadamia nuts especially are bad. Let’s see what else, grapes raisins, nut meg, sage, so stuffing is out. Candy yams can get you in a mess. Garlic, onions, things like that can cause some really weird anemia problems that are hard to deal with,” said Dr. Pearson.

Often times, pets can eat these foods without any issues, but Dr. Pearson said there are times where consuming these foods can lead to death.

“You run the risk of causing things like pancreatitis or an anemia or something like that can be quite difficult to manage and straighten out,” said Dr. Pearson.

Not only is your pet’s diet an issue to look out for this holiday season, but Dr. Pearson is advising pet owners to watch their pets around holiday decorations.

“I have taken bits and pieces of an artificial Christmas tree out of a cat before," Dr. Pearson said. “If you have a live tree with water in it, don’t let them drink that water. It’s not only flowing water back into the tree but you got sap and things running back down into it and you get a bunch of these pine tree turpins in there that are pretty nasty and hard on the gut. If you got tinsel or got the old icicles that we use to hang on tree, the foil icicles or things like that, don’t let them eat that. String foreign bodies will kill animals.”

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