Top talent at Frank Phillips College reaching for the next level

Local talent thriving at Frank Phillips College

BORGER, Texas (KFDA) - Frank Phillips College is home to some of the top players from the Panhandle looking for their shot at competing on the next level.

In his 12 season as head coach Eric Rodewald is happy with his young roster but knows they still have a long way to go.

"We ended up graduating six kids last year and had some other kids move on, and we just have a new group,” said Rodewald. “Our biggest problem right now is just getting everyone on the same page. We only have one returnee, and we’ve sprinkled in about five perfect area kids. "

Canton Moreno, Adriane Jackson, Jacie Mitchell, Sydney McColl, and Hannah Grange were all competing against each other last year in their senior season, but now they’re teammates.

“At first we came in here as rivals but now were the best of friends. It’s awesome that now we get to work together, and we already knew what each of us did well, so now being in here putting it all together is awesome.” said former Randall Raider Canton Moreno.

White Deer native Hannah Grange has adjusted well after transitioning from a smaller 1a program and has already become a massive contributor to the Lady Plainsmen. “It’s been a lot different, especially coming from a small school. It’s a lot faster because when I played at White Deer, I knew those girls for a long time, so coming here meeting new people was a lot different, so I like it a lot,” said Grange.

Eight games into their season, this young squad is still trying to find their identity on both sides of the ball. "It’s a struggle right now. Offensively we can score against anybody, but we're having trouble guarding a chair, and if you put that chair on wheels, we’ll struggle,” said Coach Rodewald. “We’ve been shooting cold in the first half and shooting fifty to 55-percent in the second half so that we can score it. We have to be more consistent."

The team will get a chance to bond over the holidays over a spread provided by Adriane and the Jackson family.

“All the girls who can’t come home were coming to my place and were having a family Thanksgiving,” said Jackson. “I think it’s essential, to sit down without stress and talk to everyone and see what they like and don’t like. We get to chill, and they get to know my family and me a bit more.”

The one thing Jackson will be thankful for this Thanksgiving is:

"Turkey! I love turkey! My dad makes really good turkey, and I’m glad they get to come out and experience that with me.

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