Amarillo invests more money in HIV Prevention Program

KFDA Amarillo invests more money in the HIV Prevention Program

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is encouraging residents to take their sexual health seriously.

The number of residents living in the Panhandle area with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise, and the City of Amarillo is trying to decrease that number by investing more money in the HIV Prevention Program.

The City of Amarillo has been funding the program since 1987, and the Department of Health Services of Amarillo will now receive about $300,000 over five years.

“As the time moves on, salary increases, cost of supplies increases, and our projects increase, so it’s just good to have some extra money," said Director of Public Health of Amarillo Casie Stoughton.

The extra funding will go towards HIV treatment, a truck that will allow remote location testing around the community and supplies for testing.

The HIV program will also be educating the community on safe sex, the various diseases that unprotected sex can lead to, and the best ways to protect yourself.

“We talk about safer sex, the different diseases, how they’re transmitted, and how you can protect yourself, so it’s an excellent education," said Stoughton.

Amarillo’s Department of Public Health also mentions the best way to protect yourself from knowing your status and stresses that now is the perfect time to get tested.

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