Workforce Solutions in the works of getting new facility

Workforce Solutions in the works of moving into a new building

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A building that provides employment and childcare services to residents in the Panhandle is looking for a new facility.

The PRPC made a letter of intent to further negotiations and secure a contract for a new workforce development building.

“The existing facility that we’ve operated in for over 25 years, the State of Texas currently owns that and are actually getting out of the business of owning facilities for Workforce,” said Panhandle Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Kyle Ingham.

The PRPC has hired a brokerage firm to help them look for a new building and have already viewed over 30 facilities.

“Our goal is to keep any expenses to impact the actual delivery of services minimally, we don’t want to spend all the money on a facility, we want to continue providing services at the highest level possible,” said Ingham.

The Planning Commission’s Workforce Development programs address the needs of Panhandle employers and workers. They provide job seekers with the information, training and assistance they need to obtain and keep employment that offers excellent wages and benefits.

“Workforce Solutions has several different services from our childcare management services, where we can help parents who are trying to pay for their childcare. We can actually subsidize that, were also job search services, we provide a wide array," said Workforce Solution Business Services Representative Phillip Flores.

During the process where they will be looking for a new facility, they will continue to run Workforce Solutions with the same hours and days.

As of right now, they expect to be in the new facility by next fall, where the building will be larger, and they will be able to incorporate vocational rehab.

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