The Coming Home Program receives more funding to help chronically homeless

KFDA The Coming Home Program Receives More Funding

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The local effort to help the chronically homeless receives a boost this week.

Following the last update on the Coming Home program, Amarillo's percentage of chronically homeless was significantly more significant than the national percentage, so the city has made this program a priority.

"We work with our chronically homeless population, we get them off the streets, we get them into housing, and we do all the wrap-around services for them," said Coming Home Team Leader Michelle Green. "We get them set up with a disability. We help them with job searches. We get them to the doctor. Whatever the need may be, we help them with those needs."

The program helps put chronically homeless residents in housing to give them a new start, and now that they have more funding, more houses will be provided.

Not only does Coming Home offer to the house, but they provide a lot of resources to help get residents on their feet.

This includes access to health care, job opportunities, social workers, and peer supporters.

"We have several resources within the community that we work directly with," said Green. "We work with Wolflin Vision Clinic, Northwest Texas Hospital, and Department of Health and Human Services."

Also, the program has just recently partnered with Texas Tech and allows Coming Home participants access to the school's psychiatric program if needed.

Green also mentions the Coming Home program has recently had better success with getting chronically homeless residents off the streets.

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