City officials release 5-year investment plan

Video - Amarillo Five Year Investment Plan - KFDA

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo looks to address significant problems in the area through its five-year community investment plan.

The official investment budget for the 2019-2020 year was approved during this week’s City Council meeting, and one of the top projects for this year is an entirely new water meter system throughout the city.

Every water meter will be replaced with a new meter that sends automatic readings to an online network that will be available every day for both city officials and Amarillo residents.

“Our water meters will actually communicate digitally over a wi-fi network to automatically read your water usage," said Director of Capital Projects and Development Engineering Kyle Schniederjan. “Number one, they will be far more accurate meters, because they will be brand new meters, and we have a replacement program for all the older meters, and these will be all new and will read in real-time.”

In addition, the city will also look to repair significant streets and highways throughout the area, and they will continue to make repairs to the traffic management system.

“We focus on big maintenance projects; like, last year, we did the Northwest Quadrant seal coat project," said Schniederjan. “Those types of projects are included because we still have the Southeast and Southwest Quadrants to go as well.”

Although the investment plan is a five-year plan, only this year’s budget has been approved.

This will allow city officials to revisit the plan every year, and they will make decisions about what projects to prioritize in the years to come.

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