Rural areas will be receiving trauma training

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Mannequins, who can breathe, blink and even cry, will be used to train rural health care providers around the region starting next year.

“Medical students are allowed to make mistakes on me so it will not happen to a real patient,” said the mannequin.

“Rural trauma specifically is one of the most under-appreciated or funded problems that we have. Even though trauma is the number one killer of people from the age of infants to 35-years-old, it’s one of the least funded and least taught, especially in the rural communities,” said Shane Harper, Chief PA of surgery at Texas Tech.

The mobile simulation team from Texas Tech says some health care professionals in rural areas might not have treated a trauma for some time.

"This type of situation is a rare occurrence, but when it happens to a community, it is a big deal. A lot of the guys that are out there providing the family medicine the primary care didn’t necessarily sign up for trauma. This unit gives them the ability techniques they may have learned in the past and don’t get to utilize very often and to learn new techniques that may have come along to help them in a trauma situation, said Harper.

These pieces of training are not meant to care for trauma; ultimately, they are intended to teach first responders how to keep someone alive until they get to a trauma center.

“This is to stabilize the patient, get them ready for transport, to provide life-saving measures the patients may need to provide them the chance to be transported to a higher tertiary trauma center here in Amarillo,” said Harper.

This mobile unit has also been utilized for free examinations in the past and is planned to provide similar examinations for rural areas in the future.

“In the past, we’ve had some funds and were able to go to some very small communities and provide the care they wouldn’t have elsewhere,” said Max White, a simulation specialist at Texas Tech.

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