APD staying in shape and fighting crime with new gym

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - It has been exactly a week since APD opened its gym.

“I think the average age for law enforcement officers having heart attacks is 49, which is one of the lowest ages for any profession, so having something like this a state of the art gym is going to be extremely helpful for keeping our officers safe and healthy,” said Cpl. Jeb Hilton.

The old gym reminded officers of a closet.

The new gym has various new machines and gives them the ability to do harder training and workouts.

“Its a lot of sitting in the car, a lot of sitting behind a desk a lot of sitting, and then its shift work and bad food and little sleep and all of that. So having a regular exercise program kind of alleviates some of those stresses and makes you feel better makes you want to sleep more and feel better. Its just one part in a huge circle of things we need to do, but its definitely a big part,” said Sgt. Carla Burr.

Not only is this gym beneficial to all current officers and civilians who work at the police department, but there is a daily training being offered to help try and get recruits hired faster.

“Sergeant Carla Burr does the training. She does it for two hours every day. Everybody that is involved in the hiring process can come in and get training on the row test or anything else they need so we can try to get them hired,” said Hilton.

The addition to the police department is excellent for officers.

Still, it also benefits the community as officers will be staying in shape, arriving on calls faster, and keeping the community safer.

“We’re not looking for people to be superman, were just looking for people to be healthy and well and have ah you know well and take care of themselves, have a long and productive career with our police department and live past that and have a long and happy retirement,” said Burr.

They hope to expand the gym more with a boxing room and more equipment in the future to further their training.

This morning, APD held the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Performance Center. This new facility provides a place...

Posted by Amarillo Police Department on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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