Vaping industry keeping their eyes on the future

VIDEO: Vaping industry keeping their eyes on the future

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The vaping industry is keeping their eyes on the nation’s capitol as the president and the Federal Trade Commission consider a ban of some vaping products.

Cory Stuteville is the owner of Premium Vapor Company, and he says he controls who comes in and buys his products so it stays out of the hands of kids.

He says that is where the government should place their focus.

“I’m understood 33 percent of all underage sales come from convenience stores," said Stuteville. “Another large percentage is online sales, and so I think what they are looking for is to ban the online sales. Let’s take them out of the convenience stores to a place where they could be ID’d properly, and I think that’s the best solution.”

He says most of his customers who come in were smokers who are wanting to stop, and he feels this is a safer alternative.

Two customers say they are saving hundreds of dollars a month and see themselves as being much healthier.

“We were heavy smokers. You know a pack a day as I said," said Natasha Speake, a former smoker. “And we have five boys and it was almost impossible to go outside, you know, to have one because it was like we would sit down and they would be screaming inside or something and so we’d have to go inside.”

“You know, it’s like anything on the outside of the peripherals of mainstream,” said Javier Smith, a former smoker. “You either have to know someone or have the desire, and I think if more information is out there, less and less people would smoke, and that’s a good thing.”

Could changes be on the horizon for stores like Premium Vapor? What if there is a ban or a shutdown of the vaping industry?

Stuteville doesn’t see that happening.

“I am lucky that we are also a CBD company, and that has picked up the slack for us, and so kind of...if we get destroyed, we were going to lean on that as much as possibly could,” said Stuteville.

What would happen if he is forced to close his doors?

“I would go back to the oil field like I have done my whole life,” said Stuteville. “But you know, how many jobs are we going to lose behind that? You know, how many people are going to go back to smoking cigarettes, and that is a proven fact that it is about harm reduction. I’m not one that says this is a good thing if you are not addicted to tobacco. I don’t want you to come in here and start vaping.”

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