Experts: Vaping could put you at a higher risk for the flu

VIDEO: Experts: Vaping could put you at a higher risk for the flu

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With flu season in full swing, an East Texas doctor says that vaping could actually increase your risk of getting sick.

“The mechanisms that can create severe lung injury and that can lead to death related to vaping and from the flu. If taken together, this could be a catastrophe," said Dr. Suman Sinha.

Christus Trinity Mother Fancis Dr. Suman Sinha says people who vape could be at risk for several respiratory illnesses.

“Vaping could impair immunologic function of the lungs, and I would be very concerned in vape users that they could be at risk for a multitude of infections, especially influenza in flu,” said Dr. Sinha.

He says people who are puffing on vape products are more likely to be diagnosed with the flu because their lungs and immune system are being weakened.

“When we talk about inflammation, there’s a surge of different types of cellular material and this cellular material does produce excess mucus as an endpoint,” said Dr. Sinha. “Much of the vape related illnesses has to do with vaping of THC products and bi-products.”

With the flu season here, Dr. Sinha says the similarities in symptoms could be challenging in diagnosing a patient with the flue or a vaping related illness.

“More than likely increase cough, you may develop a fever, low grade fever, or even a high grade fever, shortness of breath,” said Dr. Sinha. “If you are vaping, make sure you do get your flu shot this year so that you’re not at risk for, or great risk for developing influenza.”

Doctors say anyone who vapes should stop until more research can determine what is causing the vaping related illness.

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