Amarillo working to lower number of smokers in the area

Amarillo working to lower number of smokers in the area
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The number of cigarette smokers in the nation is at a record low, according to the CDC.

As of now, United States smokers were recorded at 13.7-percent, which is roughly two thirds lower than the initial start of the collecting of this data in 1965.

Although smoking is at an all-time low nationally, the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation confirms cigarette smokers in this area are on the rise.

“Amarillo Area Public Health Department showed local tobacco users are trying to quit at a much lower rate now than they were five years ago,” said Board of Directors for Tobacco-Free Amarillo Trudy Tripp-Smith. “In 2018 31-percent of smokers have tried to quit in the previous 12 months, but that compared to 56-percent in 2013. So with those numbers decreasing, we have a lot more work to do with people who want to quit.”

The Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation is now implementing new programs geared towards helping people with the quitting process.

“Tobacco Free Amarillo is trying to be non-judgmental to everyone. We do have a quit Facebook group called ‘Quit Monday Amarillo,’ and it lets people join who are trying to quit or those supporting a loved one trying to stop,” said Tripp-Smith.

This page consists of things like advice, online support chat rooms, and ways for people to discuss their progress for self-motivation or motivating others.

This page comes from the “Quit Monday’s” incentive, which is a program allowing people to take their time during the quitting process.

Tobacco-Free Amarillo is also now dedicated to lowering the number of the city’s youth who are smokers or vapors.

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