Shop Amarillo this Christmas season to support small businesses

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Most Amarillo owned businesses are not following the trend of opening on Thanksgiving.

“You know I think Thanksgiving is a time to be spent with family and friends, and it’s not just Thanksgiving day. You know through the evening that’s when you start eating your leftovers and your pumpkin pie, so you know we would never do that, for one thing, we would never expect our employees to come in. That’s their time with their families as well, so I can guarantee you that will never be happening in this store,” said Karen Kriegshauser Co-owner of Parliament Haus.

But they do seem to be benefiting from the big box stores opening earlier on Thanksgiving.

“Honestly, it gives people a chance to go and do their big-box shopping, and then they get to pay attention to the little businesses in Amarillo, which I think is a win-win for everybody,” said Calli Ward, Online manager for English Rose.

Some Amarillo stores are staying closed on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday but will be open with more sales on small business Saturday.

“Our discounts for black Friday carry all the way over into small business Saturday. So if you are busy out shopping other stores on Black Friday and trying to secure other deals, you still have a chance to come to see us on Saturday because we still have the same great deals going on here,” said Ward.

Since your mailboxes are full of adds and the commercials on TV are all specials for big box stores, area owned stores are using a different source to show you their deals.

“I feel like your limited on how you can. You know, reach customers, you know we tend to rely just on one word of mouth. However, social media does play a big roll in that, so we tend to really up our social media at that time just so we can let our customers know what our specials are and what we plan on doing throughout the day,” said Kriegshauser.

So as you plan your holiday shopping, don’t forget about the deals Amarillo owned stores are having as well.

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