Bushland ISD using technology to minimize bullying

KFDA Bushland ISD minimizing bullying with app

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Bushland ISD is using technology to try and minimize bullying, and it is proving to be successful.

“If a student has something taking place, they’re being bullied, or a friend of theirs is getting bullied, they can get on the app and actually put in any information they want to. It is 100-percent anonymous. We can communicate back and forth with that student, and that entire time we talk to them. We still don’t know who we’re talking to”, said Randy Tinsley, a school resource officer at Bushland High School.

“It does give students a chance for students to report things they’ve seen that they feel like they aren’t right. But it also keeps them from having to come into the office and be labeled for going and telling,” said Jessica Garrett, principal at Bushland Middle School.

Officer Randy Tinsley says they have already put a stop to some severe bullying incidents.

“I have had students contact us and let us know, listen, I’m getting some pretty disturbing messages from a phone number, and I don’t know who it is, or I’m being bullied on social media. They can take screenshots of social media and put it on the phone and send it to us and let us see it. We can create a case from that point,” said Tinsley.

The middle school and high school each receive about two to three submissions a week.

“It’s been extremely effective. Our two biggest tips that we get are bullying and vapes, and we get some weekly,” said Tinsley.

Tinsley says students are worried about their friends' health, which is why they see more reports on vaping.

“It took you to know, just one or two things coming in for the kids to say hey listen this is getting fixed, no one knows who’s telling them, and then we started being able to get reports really quick. The kids are utilizing it,” said Tinsley.

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