9-year-old brain cancer survivor has the surprise of a lifetime

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Aiden is a 9-year-old brain cancer survivor. He and his family have been through a lot in his nine years on this Earth.

“As a mom, I just didn’t think about anything else, I just thought about he was going to be okay, that’s all I was thinking. Every day we took it day by day,” said Hanna Navarrete, Aiden's mother.

During his extended hospital stays for treatment, he enjoyed watching the helicopters outside his window, and it inspired him to want to be like them when he grows up.

“I want to be a helicopter rescue,” said Aiden Alvarado, a brain cancer survivor.

Aiden met Sgt. Ertle from Northlake Police department, near Fort Worth. Aiden's story so touched the sergeant, he contacted Amarillo DPS and got the ball rolling for a surprise of a lifetime.

“It just shows the cooperation and love that police officers and sheriff’s deputies and all first responders have for their community, and this young man,” said Captain Chris Forbis of the Randall County Sheriff’s office.

Aiden was escorted from class by a K9 officer, and the SWAT team, to take a ride in the Bearcat SWAT unit. He was brought to tears and said he always wished something like this would happen.

“Yes, I have much fun,” said Alvarado.

He was then driven to the DPS helipad to take his first ride as a DPS officer, in his very own flight uniform.

“I thought it was something that with everything that he’s been through that it was going to brighten him up more and like tell him to see a good thing you didn’t give up,” said Navarrete.

I asked his mother how she felt about Aiden wanting to be a helicopter rescuer when he grows up.

“I feel very proud, very proud. Like I told him, now that everybody did this, he has to do it. I’m like you have to, right, Aiden,” said Navarrete.

Deputies not only want Aiden to remember the fantastic day he had but also never to give up.

“We’ve gone out and sought our dreams, and he can do it too, and that’s really what we want him to think about,” said SGT. Hank Blanchard with the Randall County Sheriffs.

Aiden is currently in remission and is so thankful for the love he has received from law enforcement.

“I had a great time with Y’all, and I hope that you have a nice day,” said Alvarado.

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