Some say NFL brawl is a learning lesson, that someone is always watching

KFDA NFL fight turns into a learning lesson

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Only seconds left in the Thursday night NFL game with the Browns up two touchdowns, Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett and Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph got into a scuffle, resulting in what some say is the worst they’ve ever seen.

Garret ripped off the helmet of Rudolph and hit him over the head with it leaving commentators referring to the sight as barbaric.

Where these actions left some NFL fans in shock, some are looking at it as a positive learning lesson.

“I truly believe, whether it’s us when we’re checking out football gear or we’re talking with parents or the parents talking with their child, you have to explain to them. I’ll go back to respect for the game. It doesn’t matter what sport it is or what you’re participating in. There needs to be respect involved. I think if there’s on thing in our society today that is missing more than ever, from when I was a child, is respect,” said Jimmy R. Lackey, president and CEO of Kids Inc.

Although a lesson, the Amarillo ISD athletic director says its a reminder to all athletes on how you carry yourself because someone is always watching.

“They’re idolized by these kids. They look at them, and they watch them. If you don’t believe that, just look at what they wear. If a professional player wears something, then they want to wear it. They do exactly what they see on TV, just like kids do from their parents. So it’s important not just professional athletes but college athletes and high school kids because the younger kids are watching them as well. Everybody needs to make sure they are acting the right way and doing the right way. Be competitive, get after it, but have some professionalism about what you’re doing,” said Brad Thiessen, Amarillo ISD athletic director.

If a situation like this were to happen at the high school level, players would be ejected and more.

"Well, first of all, they would be ejected from the ball game, which would make them ineligible to play for the first half of the next game. Obviously, then our coaches would take care of it from that standpoint. It’s a discipline issue, so they would deal with it on their team just like they would deal with any other discipline issue, said Thiessen.

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