Healing your body through the winter dryness in the Panhandle

Healing your body from the winter dryness in the Panhandle

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - We have entered the dry part of the year, where people in the Panhandle start seeing a difference with their skin and the occasional bloody nose when you wake up.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Oliver explains that this year, the dry air started early.

“A lot of the juicy moisture we had back when we were getting all the rain, that’s gone away. But, here is what you need to know. These humidities are relative to the outside temperature," said Oliver. "So, when you take that air, and you bring it in, and it runs through your heating system, and you go from 40 degrees to maybe 68 in your house, that humidity goes way down. It goes down to about 3 percent. So it is just desert air inside your house.”

In the winter months, when the weather turns cold and humidity levels drop, keeping your skin hydrated can be a challenge. According to an Esthetician from Amarillo, she says to use serums that will lock in moisture, to drink lots of water and stay away from hot water on your skin.

“Hot and warm open your pores, and then the cold water will close your pores. So, definitely, after you cleanse your skin, splash your face with cold water so it will close those pores up. Then you can continue with your toner and moisturizer,” said Indulge Spa Esthetician Brittney Weeler.

Two places that people suffer from the dryness are in their home when they run the heat and outside on windy days.

“To rectify that, you can run a home humidifier. Humidifiers inside your house really, really help out. And then if you are outside on a windy day, we lose a lot of moisture because of the wind. So, if you wear gloves and wrap up, that will prevent a lot of the moisture loss in your skin,” said Oliver.

The ideal humidification in your home is between 40 and 45 percent to help with dry eyes, sore throats, bloody noses, and dry skin.

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