Lighting Project, Art Shows & more in the works for the Barrio Neighborhood

Lighting Project, Art Shows & more in the works for the Barrio Neighborhood

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Increasing foot traffic and pedestrian safety were topics discussed at the last meeting this year for the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee.

After putting up a mural on the 10th Avenue underpass, they are now starting fundraising efforts for the Lighting on the 10th Avenue Pilot Project.

“It will be a project that will kind of blend it a little bit more with what’s downtown. So, when people come through the underpass, they will be able to see that there is a continuity between the two sections of the town,” said Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee Historian Edith DiTommaso.

The Lighting Project’s first phase will be on 10th Avenue from Arthur to Ross Streets. The plan is to have 16 single globe lights, trees and sidewalks.

“So, in this neighborhood, it’s a neighborhood of family, culture and pride. And we want it to look beautiful as well. To do that, we wanted to focus on one of our main corridors, which are 10th avenue,” said Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee President Teresa Kennedy.

The project is estimated to cost over $500,000, where they plan on raising funds, starting with the Barrio Art Show on January 16th-18th.

“We are working with the City Planning Department. We are also working with companies that will bid towards this. Local businesses that want to be sponsors, we will be working with them as well,” said Kennedy.

Businesses and families in the Barrio Neighborhood that would like to help out with project, sponsor or donate, will be showcased on the sidewalk with a brick with your name or depending on how much you give, you will be recognized differently on the sidewalk or light post.

“Take pride in their neighborhood. The Barrio has so many rich history things to offer. It is a very culturally rich neighborhood. It needs to be celebrated. We need to celebrate our Hispanic heritage,” said DiTommaso.

The timeline for the project is 2021, depending on how much money they can raise.

For more information and ways you can donate, you can go to the Amarillo Barrio Neighborhood Plan Facebook page.

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