Good news with Dave: Attorney still practicing law at 100 years of age

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Tom Morris is still practicing law at 100 years of age, and I met Tom at his 100th birthday party this week. And believe me, he’s a friendly counselor.

Tom’s life has been illustrious from teaching law at the University of Texas to be a World War II fighter pilot.

He told me all about being on the USS Ticonderoga when a Japanese kamikaze attack hit it.

After the War, Tom began practicing law, and in 1966 tried a patent case before the U.S. Supreme Court and won.

The law still stands today. I questioned Tom about his career. Why do you still practice law?

“Because I love it. I love to practice law, always have. I’d rather be reading law books than watching a football game. It’s just fun for me," said Morris.

My interrogation continued as I asked how the field of law has changed during his career.

“The, the fundamental of the job, knowing the law or learning and applying the law to the specific problem that you have as an attorney and working on that has not changed," said Morris.

" It’s a privilege. I mean, I’ve been working with him since 2003, he’s one of the hardest working attorneys I’ve ever met. He’s one of the most detailed attorneys I’ve ever met, and ethically, he, he stands above all of us He is always the consummate professional and a gentleman," said Gavin Gadberry of the Underwood Law Firm.

“To be a very successful lawyer, it’s not a 40 hour week. It’s a 60 hour a week job. Law is a jealous mistress, and you’ll have to devote all your time to your mistress," said Morris.

“He comes to work for five days a week and works four or five fine hours. He’s 100 years old, has a hard time seeing," said Gadberry. "Hard time hearing, but he gets through it, and his mind still sharp as a tack!”

I asked him the next time the weather gets bad, and they come to arrest me, can I count on him?

“No, you could not. I don’t practice criminal law,” said Morris.

As for how long Tom will continue to practice law. Well, the jury’s still out.

“As long as the Lord will let me, I guess I’m down here to work. And that’s what I like to do," said Morris.

Of course, we don’t know exactly how much longer Tom will be practicing law, but the case is not closed on that, and that’s some good news.

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