Amarillo Independent School District developing new career facility


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Independent School District plans to prepare students for the real world through the development of a state of the art career academy.

AISD already has a school that allows students to explore their career interests before entering adulthood.

Still, this facility will be open to every student in the district and will offer training and hands-on experience in just about any career you could think of.

According to Jay Barrett, who is the head of the planning committee, the academy would have very few limits on what careers students can explore.

“We know that what we’re doing at ACAAL is five programs of study when we could be doing 25 programs of study," said Barrett. “The vision is that we are creating a career academy to engage our students and their futures.”

This facility will offer hands-on equipment and training for the majority of the leading careers in the community.

The building will not only be open to students, but the community will have access as well.

Barrett says AISD’s Superintendent wants to complete this project as soon as possible.

“The committees’ will be working right away. We’re not going to wait; we’ve expected long enough,” said Barrett. “Mr. Lumas said tonight, ‘we are behind,’ and we just came back from the metroplex, where they have a lot of industry and developing career centers like we want to build, but we want ours to be even better.”

This facility will also offer students the opportunity to work in culinary, TV production, and animal health care.

It will also have a student-led health clinic and much more.

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