The importance of SAT and ACT for colleges on the High Plains


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - SAT and ACT can cause extra stress on high school students when applying for college.

“Preparing for the ACT was incredibly stressful because of the pressure that surrounds that test. I just feel like so much rides on it, and so many people are like, if I don’t do well on this test, then I am going to be unsuccessful in life. And it's just not true, and I wish I would have known that when I was preparing for it,” said Kristie Rose, a WT student.

On top of the stress, most students feel there is often a cost to take these tests, which could get pricey.

“Yeah, because a lot of my friends did re-take it, and they still didn’t get the scores that they want, so just like that, $60 keeps adding up and adding up so,” said Mia Davis a WT student.

“I paid hundreds of dollars to take a practice test, and I paid hundreds of dollars for tutoring, and so the monetary value was just so high,” said Rose.

Some colleges nationwide have decided to drop these tests as requirements for admission.

Frank Phillips in Borger, Amarillo College, and Clarendon college do not require either test.

They use them as a way to place students in the appropriate class.

“I would be thriving because some schools I choose not to apply to because my ACT scores were so low, and so I feel like, on the one hand, it’s a great thing to have, but on another, I feel like its not a good thing to base a person off of.”

Eastern New Mexico University does still require you to take a test, but the minimum score for a student with a 2.5-grade point average or higher only has to receive a 670 on their SAT or a 14 on their ACT. West Texas A&M University also requires one of the tests, but if you are in the top 25% of your high school class, there is no minimum required score.

“I think it would be so much more beneficial for schools to focus on their GPA, just because so I might not be a good test taker, but I might be a great student. For people who are good at test-taking, awesome for them, but I think being able to do the hard work over a long period is a much more accurate measurement of if you are going to be successful moving forward.”

Before taking the test, be sure to check with your future school to see if it is required.

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