Coffee Memorial Blood Center to install a new Clean Room

KFDA Coffee Memorial Blood Center to Install New Clean Room

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Coffee Memorial Blood Center’s new Clean Room will serve the purpose of allowing researchers and bio-technicians to develop new drugs that can be used on patients and shipped to various locations around the country.

The Amarillo location will be at the forefront of cancer therapy.

In the Clean Room, researchers will use cancer patients’ cells to manufacture two different drugs that will help treat their disease.

“So there are two drugs that the FDA has licensed, and they use the patients’ cells to be reprogrammed to do the therapy. Yet there are really hundreds of companies that are working on drugs that would be similar that use donated blood to do that. So we are really excited to be on the forefront of what is going to happen in cancer therapy,” said Vice President of the Bio-Development Space at Coffee Memorial Blood Center Charles Mooney.

Bio-technicians working in the Clean Room will also continue developing an eye drop that is believed to not only treat dry eye but cure it.

According to Mooney, when working with biologics, it’s hard to put an exact timeline on this kind of facility.

However, they are hoping to be up and running by February.

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