Businesses come together to make Fritch Meals On Wheels a success

Businesses come together to make Fritch Meals On Wheels a success

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Meals on Wheels has taken it to social media to thank businesses in Fritch that silently give back to those in need in the community.

The director of Fritch Meals On Wheels said they wouldn’t be as successful without the tremendous support they have received from the four businesses.

The business owners came together to create a strategy to ensure all 30 of their clients are fed every day of the week.

Daylight Donuts provides free donuts once a week.

Chris’s Kitchen prepares and packs all of the regular meals to be delivered Monday through Friday.

The owner of Chris’s Kitchen also provides free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to everyone.

Jesse’s Pizza and Coffee Ranch also partnered to provide a free meal to all of their clients every Saturday.

Those meals include enough food to sustain them throughout the entire weekend because many may not have access to full meals otherwise.

The owner of Jesse’s Pizza even added a new personal pizza to the menu, which he said was inspired by the program.

“We actually didn’t make the personal size pizzas at that time, this all just stemmed off of Meals On Wheels,” said Owner of Jesse’s Pizza Jesse Heredia. “Me and all the other mom and pop shops, we like to work together because we’re all in the same fight. A lot of hands go into making this project work and a lot of people are impressed by it. I just feel like, if we all just put in a little it, it makes a big effort.”

Chris’s Kitchen Owner Gerald Purdy said they cover expenses with the program but helping the community is worth more than money. He said, "The service we provide is above and beyond any expenses you can ask for.”

The director said all of their clients are elderly but providing a meal is one of many ways they serve them.

“Before I became the director, I didn’t realize that there was such a great need and people don’t understand how overlooked some of our elderly can be,” said Fritch Meals On Wheels Director Paula Garton. “They’re just so appreciative and it’s the highlight of their day.”

The team expressed how they pride themselves on providing an extra set of eyes and bringing friendly conversation to their elderly community.

Fritch Meals On Wheels is in need of extra help and drivers.

If you would like to be a part of the team, contact Paula Garton at (806) 231-9904 or through the Fritch Meals On Wheels Facebook page.

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